The Caves of the Great Spirits

Southern Utah was stifling. The unrelenting afternoon heat was augmented by the burning glare of dust hanging in the air. My water bottle was empty, and I didn’t like to think about the long walk back to the van. In addition, the batteries in my digital camera were nearly exhausted.

I stopped in the partial shade of a large column of wind-sculpted sandstone and noticed this unusual mass of rock looming not far away as distance is measured in this part of the country.

I extended the focal length of the lens as much as I dared and shot this scene, not knowing if it would be usable or if I’d ever look at it again.

Now the frame is used as the background for this imaginary scene located deep in the desert in the interior of Lunaria…just north of Salt Springs on the road between Lumminea and Ranaputkin.

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