Blood is the song of every living being.

Loyalty is for finding truth in every seeing.

Honor is what brings to all this meaning.

Valley of Eternal Promise

Upcoming “Return of the Queen”

I entered through the Gate and stepped out upon the warm soil of the Garden in what seemed like one motion. I caught the streak of Burton’s cat running through the gate behind me. A question occurred to me. I reasoned, how could this be Burton’s cat? The creature would be ancient beyond possibility. Yet, the cat existed, and I had never questioned its existence.

The rest of my companions followed me. It was a journey like no other Gate had provided. A thunderous crack sounded as the Gate closed behind us with a finality that cut me off from my first home forever. I wondered how much time had passed. Dozens of years? Thousands, tens of thousands of years? A fraction of a second? I would never know. For a moment, I was disoriented, not knowing whether I was Claire or Wendy. I heard Gilbert laugh behind me and whirled to see my good friend standing naked, sporting a full, white beard that reached halfway down his chest, and holding no more than fragments of the bag he had been dragging by a rope.